Meet the Hounds of Love!

aboutMrPants Mr. Pants

Mr. Pants lives in Austin, TX, with his pals Tip and Kody. He likes to think he’s the leader of the pack, and sometimes the other two let him think he actually is. He likes socks, outings to Redbud Isle, and anything within perching distance of his butt.


Short for Tiptree, Tip is named after Alice B. Sheldon, who wrote under the alias James Tiptree, Jr. She likes Mr. Pants and Kody well enough unless they get near her toys, when she turns into a snarling beast. She’s a total lover with humans on the couch, though.


Kody’s the curmudgeon of the family.  He’s a bit of a loner, but can’t resist Mr. Pants’ charm.  He can’t jump up onto the bed any more, but he can still get up on the couch and will grumble at you vehemently if you want him to move.

aboutLuluLulu Cowgirl Jefferson Rose

Lulu is Mr. Pants BFF! These two play so hard together. It’s a beautiful thing to see until they smash through a living room window. Yeah, that happened.


Hudson is the newest, youngest visitor. Mr. Pants adores him. Hudson even won Tip over when he was a pup, and even though he’s bigger than her now, she still really likes him.

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Mr. Pants knows how to sit.